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“All of Diane’s workshops take you on a joyous, uplifting, fun and revelatory journey into self-discovery, empowerment and the true knowledge of how to heal your life. Highly recommended.”
– Wendy CEO Melbourne

“Initially I was skeptical but I can honestly say that each of my sessions with Diane has been profound and deeply spiritual. Diane is counsellor, shaman, mystic, psychic and healer all rolled into one – the perfect tonic for the soul.”
– Susan, Lawyer

“Diane’s extraordinary ability to support me, even whilst she was attending to a whole group, enabled a breakthrough healing with insights which have kickstarted a whole new period of growth and direction. Diane is a Master. And it was fun!”
– Carol, Administrator

“I have come from a background of suppression, control, co- dependency and addiction. I am now moving into my empowerment, abundance, creativity and freedom. I am blessed to have found Diane. I love this powerful and authentic work!”
– Catherine, Teachers’ Aid

“Breathwork – once one has gotten over the initial ‘strangeness’ of it all – is a simple, reliable and non-threatening way to reconnect with the Divine (which we never disconnected from anyway..) and bring peace and happiness to our everyday lives.”
– Scott, Dentist

“I was diagnosed with a serious, life threatening cancer. Diane’s sessions were core to my healing. She held me in a space of pure unconditional love – it was powerful beyond measure. She saw me as healed and whole and this enabled me to dissolve my fear and to journey in faith, trust, surrender and positivity. The cancer resolved without anticipated stem cell transplant. Today I feel more wellness and wellbeing than I have felt for a lifetime. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
– Kay

“I feel privileged to have been part of Diane’s Bali retreats. The whole experience for me can be summed up as – healing, restorative, gentle, safe, magical, challenging, wonderful and so much fun. I highly recommend Diane as a practitioner and course facilitator. She holds a deep understanding of people: she works authentically, and her commitment and integrity to her breath work are just two of the qualities that inspire me. Don’t miss an incredible opportunity.”
– Wendy, CEO

“For the past three years I have attended Diane’s Shamanic Healing workshop in Bali. I highly endorse the experience for anyone desiring safety, release, expansion, deep healing, enhanced understanding, wonderful company, great experiences, a beautiful setting and FUN! Diane is a most extraordinary Healer and Shaman and one I have no hesitation in recommending. Her connection to and channelling of Spirit, her faith, trust, surrender, insight and the deep unconditional love in which she holds all those who come to her, create a powerful space in which to heal at a profound level.”
– Kay, Psychotherapist

“I am an artist & mother of four young children. The 2015 Bali retreat was a perfect opportunity to revisit myself in the most profound way. Surrounded by beauty and spirit, Diane provided a sanctuary for connection to higher power, self, and others. I truly believe Diane has an incredible unique gi to understand, communicate, feel, heal and nurture. Her wisdom, insights and guidance create powerful healing. She facilitates with ease and holds incredible spaces for channelled energy. People who are seeking freedom and expansion would truly benefit from the Shamanic Healing workshop with Diane. It is such an empowering experience of self- discovery.”
– Roslyn, Artist

“I recommend this retreat. In a very safe environment you will heal and create peace for yourself and others in your world. As the only male (with my wife) on the retreat I can’t express enough how welcoming and warm and inclusive everyone was. Diane creates a wonderful, fun, relaxing, interesting, surprising, creative, incredibly healing space. She is very generous with her time and availability. She is so ALIVE and FUN – a great advertisement for her own work! And now I have that too! My wife and I are very grateful.”
– Andrew

“In the time I have been a client of Diane’s I have experienced a huge personal transformation. I had been longing to find a way to expand my spiritual aspect – to move forward, leaving behind old stories and behavioural patterns. Diane is by far and away the best healer, breath worker and Shaman I have met. I have been guided and encouraged by Diane to a point in my life now where I am peaceful, grounded and continuously expanding. The Shaman Experience Bali was MAGICAL! My heart sings with joy, thank you Diane.”
– Erin, Hairdresser

“Every session is life changing and always different. I walk into Diane’s powerful sanctuary and in her presence the cells of my being start to change because Diane is a powerful Shaman. Sometimes in my sessions we go to great depths with Diane being able to feel, hear, sense and see Spirit and Energies, and she always knows where to go, understanding how to shift energy, allowing Spirit to lovingly work through her for the highest good of me and my process. After a session, I KNOW I can take on the world with the tools she has given me. I feel aligned so that my reality is only LOVE where all things are possible. I am often at such a high vibration after a session that I begin to feel Spirit more, see auras and I know that I want only what is best for my entire self. This is truly life altering work. I am forever grateful.”
– Lynette, Indigenous Healer and Artist

“A retreat into nourishing the love within.
Every moment and every detail was out-of-this-world perfect.
I felt at home and among family, which allowed my heart the opportunity to feel safe, loved and supported during a process of deep healing and self exploration. One of fun. One of love. One of release. What a gift to the world.”
– Michelle, Woodworker, Poet