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Private Sessions

Diane’s private sessions are at the heart of her work and are truly powerful and life changing. Using her skills as a conscious counsellor, intuitive healer, Breathworker, Sound Healer and Shaman, Diane guides each session masterfully to deep understanding, peace, freedom, and alignment with well being. There is no issue – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or relationship based that cannot be unravelled, revealed in a new light and released. Diane employs the principle of Shamanic Holding in her work – a deep understanding of the laws of the universe and the principles that govern human behaviour.

‘Diane inspires faith, trust and surrender – her insight is extraordinary and the deep unconditional love in which she holds all who come to see her creates a powerful space in which to heal at a profound level. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and despite long term medical treatment I attribute my ongoing health and recovery to the work I do with Diane.’  
– Kay psychotherapist

Diane holds a deep understanding of people. She works authentically and her commitment to helping others and her integrity are qualities that inspire me greatly.’
– Wendy CEO Melbourne

Diane is available for private sessions both in person in her workspace and via phone or skype.
Sessions are generally between an hour and an hour and a half, but may run longer.
Diane conducts individual, and couples’ sessions as well as sessions for children and young adults

Contact Diane for more information.