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Diane offers a two year Breathwork and Shamanic Healing Training Course for Healing Professionals. Diane’s Training is unique in Australia and comprises all that she has learned from honoured teachers around the world who specialise in many different traditions.

Like any profoundly effective healing training, a huge component is the personal growth of each participant. As such this training is suitable for anyone wishing to transform their life in the most extraordinary way, whether they wish to become a healing practitioner or not.

The training is in two parts of one year each. It is a requirement of the ABA (Australian Breathworkers Association) that professional training completion spans a minimum of two years in order to facilitate a comprehensive syllabus and allow for practical Breathwork assessment. Students are expected to complete assignments, breathe at least three regular clients under Diane’s supervision and demonstrate the personal qualities necessary to become an effective Breathworker. As well as the two major week long retreats, there are monthly trainee evenings, weekend workshops, specialist events etc.

On the successful completion of this course each participant will be certified as a Breathworker to the highest Australian and International standards.

“Diane’s teaching style is fun, inventive, powerful, endlessly interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring, and informative.  She holds great knowledge across many fields of healing and is passionate about sharing that which she knows.  Her ability to tune into people is extraordinary -she has a deeply wise and loving understanding of human nature. Diane is very funny and down to earth and is filled with infectious high energy and joy. Diane is authentic: a true model for all that she teaches, and a passionate advocate for everyone’s right to understand the laws of the universe and the ways in which they can be applied to our lives.” EVA: teacher, author

It is highly recommended that you have had a series of PRIVATE BREATHWORK sessions with Diane before committing to the training.  It is a prerequisite of the course to have attended at least one Bali Retreat: The Shaman Experience.    The SACRED FIRE TRADITION  holds great wisdom, power and valuable knowledge which has been handed down to Diane through her Grandmother.  Diane wishes to train only those people who are eager to become genuine healing practitioners and who will honour the traditions of THE SACRED FIRE. 


   The next 2 year training will commence in JANUARY 2021.            **THE CURRENT TRAINING IS FULLY BOOKED.  Thank you so much for your enquiries.  If you are interested in undertaking the next Training, I suggest you have a private session with me to determine whether Shamanic Breathwork and Healing is the path for you. 



The first year of the Master Training focusses on learning  the skills and techniques necessary to becoming an effective BREATHWORKER. 

BREATHWORK is at the core of Diane’s healing practice.  In her vast experience, it is the most powerful modality available for shifting long held mistaken beliefs, for letting go of illness and for moving into joy, freedom and expansion.   



* What is the true principle of healing? What does it mean to be a healer?
* Understanding THE LAW OF ATTRACTION as the ultimate guide to healing.
* Embracing the principles of SHAMANIC HOLDING.
* The importance of Spiritual Practice for maintaining alignment and balance.
* The power of Gratitude.

* Honouring the history and development of Breath-work.
* Understanding the immense power of Breath-work as a healing modality.
* The study of Breath-work in its various forms: Rebirthing; Transformational Water Breathing; Breathing as Meditation.
* Using the Rebirthing model of identifying ‘Personal Lies’, the ‘Unconscious Death Urge’ and the vast research into how birth affects relationships.
* How to conduct a Breathwork session.
* Determining which breathing technique to use.
* How to guide the Breath in order to let go of false beliefs, old patterns of behaviour and chronic resistance to health and well-being.
* How to speak to clients, prepare clients for Breathing, and how to deal with whatever may arise.
* How to apply knowledge of past lives, inter-dimensional realities, entities, attachments, etc.

You will learn:
– how to identify the needs of your clients
– how to shape a healing session that best accommodates your skills
– how to prepare and present a ‘safe’ and comfortable healing space
– the importance of ethical behaviour and ethical business practice
– understanding the implications of transference and counter-transference
– understanding the importance of boundaries, confidentiality, trustworthiness, wellness, punctuality, professionalism
– understanding vibrational matching with regard to attracting client

Introduction to the importance and use of CEREMONY, RITUAL and STORYTELLING
Commencement of training to be a SACRED WARRIOR 



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TRANSFORM – Part Two of the MASTER TRAINING for Healing Practitioners

Part two of the master training focuses on Spiritual Principles, Shamanic practice, The Sacred Fire and the tradition of the Medicine Woman. These time-honoured traditions will be explained and demystified and presented in a way that honours the Shamanic nature of all participants.

You will learn more about the principle of SHAMANIC HOLDING – THE most valuable tool you will ever use in your healing practice and your private life.


What is a Shaman?
Shamanic Healing
The Principle of Shamanic Holding
Understanding inspiration and guidance
Talking to Spirit
Channelling Source Energy
Vibrational Healing
Changing our DNA
Universal Laws
Developing powerful incantations to align with Spirit

The Sacred Fire
Fire Ceremonies
Sacred Fire Healing: including understanding ancestral healing and influence (calling in brothers and sisters of the Sacred Fire)
The power of ritual
The chakra system in conjunction with medicine animals
The power of totem
Talking to spirit
Interpreting the vibration of the natural world

Review of Breath-work techniques
Water Rebirthing
Alignment Breathing
How to ‘handle’ resistance, negativity, contrast
Counselling/teaching/advising clients

Sound healing
MUNDAN (head-shave) There will be an opportunity to take part in this healing ceremony
Divine Mother Prayer

the person you are determines who you attract into your healing space
Identifying the needs of your clients
Shaping a healing session utilising your skills
Preparing and presenting a ‘safe’ and comfortable healing space
Importance of Ethical behaviour in a healing practice
Understanding transference, counter-transference, projection
Importance of boundaries, confidentiality, trustworthiness, wellness, punctuality, professionalism
Creating a successful business: cards, pamphlets, word of mouth, advertising, social media


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