Diane Jeffries
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About Diane

Diane has been a healing practitioner for almost 30 years. She is based in Perth, Western Australia and travels throughout the world as a therapist, Breathworker, Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Healer, Medicine Woman, teacher, life coach, workshop leader, trainer, Sound Healer. Diane was certified as a Rebirther in the USA by Sondra Ray, and has been trained as a Shaman and Medicine Woman under the guidance of her adoptive grandmother: Grandmother Eaglefeather. In her workshops Diane employs therapy, breathwork, Shamanism and the wisdom of the Medicine Women of the Sacred Fire tradition with extraordinary results. Diane has developed her own method of Vibrational Sound Healing which has profound transformative effects on the cells of the body. Diane is a gifted channel and those who speak through her offer Divine Truth and Guidance. Diane is a keen student of Shri Haidadhan Babaji, Grandmother Eaglefeather, and the Teachers named Abraham.  Diane is passionate about honouring her Grandmother’s SACRED FIRE TRADITION, using storytelling, ritual and ceremony as powerful healing tools.  Diane honours the 7 MASTER TOTEMS residing in the physical body, educating others as to their purpose and effect.  Diane honours the Ancient Ones, calling on their infinite wisdom and guidance.  Diane is devoted to Spiritual Practice, to sharing what she knows and to teaching how to be fully alive and happy.  She is the proud mother of two young adult men.

Diane challenges conventional attitudes towards health, relationships, work and money. She offers instead a deeper understanding of the dynamics affecting all areas of our lives, inviting us to let go of limiting beliefs and attitudes which keep us smaller than we would wish to be.