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Sacred Drum Making


Ceremonial Drum-Making Workshop 

Join Diane Jeffries as she teaches you how bring to life powerful Kangaroo Hide Frame Drums

Dates:    TBA  2024

Time:   9.00am – 3.00pm (may finish earlier)

Cost:    $420 per drum


Diane makes her drums using traditional materials, and with methods used by her by her honorary grandmother – Grandmother Eaglefeather, a Shaman and Medicine Woman of the Sacred Fire Tradition. Drum making is a powerful experience in which participants may gain insights into their own transformation whilst birthing this beautiful instrument. Once birthed, the Drum becomes a deeply resonant extension of oneself, inviting in the sound of the heartbeat of Life.

Diane uses deerskin and kangaroo hides for Sacred Drum-making.  Both Deerhide Drums and Kangaroohide drums hold the vibration of peace, love, joy, intuition, keen insight, movement and surrender.  All drums are aligned to the energy of Grandmother Moon and carry the stories of creation, freedom, expansion and love.  Once the drums are birthed,  the drummer- with reverence and intention,  simply allows these stories to come forth from the drum.

Diane always schedules a follow up workshop for drum-makers in which she shares drumming techniques and simple healing chants and beats.

The programme for this full day workshop includes:

A Sacred Drum Ceremony to open the workshop
Choosing your deerhide or kangaroo hide and drum hoop
Decorating the drum frame with artwork or words
Punching holes for the sinew and stretching the skin across frame
threading sinew in your chosen pattern to tighten the drum, Adding beads, feathers, crystal, leather, etc for personal design
Making a drum beater for your drum
A sound healing is offered during the shared lunch
Closing ceremony


Contact Diane to book.